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In the event of a dispute between the parties to the contract that cannot be resolved jointly, you can use the European Commission's Online Dispute Resolution website. (ОРС).


I. Overview of goods. Complaints


1. Claims for goods purchased through the e-shop shall be made in accordance with the rules of the Consumer Protection Act in any of the outlets of https://homeselection.bg/, by e-mail info@homeselection.bg or Phone 0876 377 227.

2. The user is obliged to inspect the goods immediately upon receipt. If he/she finds any obvious defects, external visible damage to the integrity of the packaging found upon delivery, lack of any of the accompanying accessories, he/she shall immediately open the packaging and inspect the goods for possible defects. If any such defects are found, immediately inform the person making the delivery. In this case, a statement of delivery shall be drawn up in duplicate and signed by the recipient of the goods and the representative of the transport company. The report must describe the apparent defects.

3. Upon acceptance of the shipment by the User without remarks, any claims for external visible defects are unfounded and should not be satisfied. The User shall lose the right to claim for external visible defects in accordance with the purchase contract.

4. In the event that the goods subject to delivery do not comply with the requested The user has the right to request that the goods be brought into conformity with the contract by repairing or replacing the delivered goods with new, unless this is impossible or the chosen method is disproportionate compared to the other. The consumer has the right to exercise his rights within two years from the delivery of the goods.

5. Bringing the goods into conformity with the contract must be carried out within three months from the submission of the complaint by the User to the trader. After the expiry of the period, the Consumer has the right to terminate the contract and claim a refund or a price reduction.

6. The consumer shall not be entitled to claim cancellation of the contract and refund of the amount paid, nor reduction of the price of the goods when the trader agrees to replace the goods with new ones or to repair the goods within three months of the claim.

7. The trader is obliged to satisfy the Consumer's request for cancellation of the contract and to refund the amount paid by him when, after satisfying three claims of the consumer by repairing the same goods within the warranty period under Article 115 of the Consumer Protection Act, there is a subsequent occurrence of non-compliance of the goods with the contract of sale.

8. The consumer may not request cancellation of the contract if the non-conformity of the consumer goods with the contract is insignificant. In this case, he may only claim a price reduction.

9. The consumer does not owe any amounts to the trader for bringing the consumer goods into conformity with the contract. Nor shall he be liable for the cost of dispatching the goods or the cost of materials and labour for their repair.

10. If the User does not make a claim at the time of delivery of the goods or even if he makes such a claim, but does not sign a statement of conformity, he loses the right to later claim that the goods were delivered to him with obvious defects or defects, lack of any of the accompanying accessories and/or any of the documents required by Bulgarian law.


II. Cancellation of the concluded contract and refund

1. On the basis of Art. 50 of the Consumer Protection Act, a consumer who is also a consumer within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Act within 14 /fourteen/ days of receipt of the goods has the right, without owing compensation or penalty to the trader and without giving reasons, to withdraw from the contract and return the goods received under the conditions set out below.

2. The user is obliged to inform in advance https://homeselection.bg/, to the following email address: info@homeselection.bg that, on the basis of Article 50 of the Consumer Protection Act, it withdraws from the contract, indicating a deadline for the return of the goods, which may not be later than 14 /fourteen/ days from its receipt.

3. The consumer must return the goods to one of the merchant's stores designated by the merchant.

4. The amount that the User has paid is returned to the bank account from which it was paid or in another convenient way for the User, after inspection of the goods and their acceptance by the trader.

5. Goods shall be accepted for return only if they have not been unpacked and their original packaging has been retained.

6. The goods may be returned by the User in person or by his/her proxy, who must submit a written power of attorney.

7. All costs of returning the goods are borne by the User. Until the return of the goods by the consumer to the trader, the risk of accidental loss or damage shall be borne by the consumer.

8. If the User exercises his right under Art. 50 of the CPA, provided that he has fulfilled the above conditions, the trader is obliged to refund the price paid within 14 /fourteen/ days of notification of the withdrawal from the contract.

9. The right of withdrawal under Art. 50 of the CPA shall not apply in the hypotheses of Art. 57 of the CPA.

10. No refunds will be given for services already paid for and performed.

11. Refunds made with a bank card shall be made by ordering a reverse transaction on the card used for payment within 10 working days.