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валидност от 03.11.2023


1. HOME Selection offers free delivery of the purchased product to the Buyer's address in Bulgaria with the courier company EKONT.

2. The unloading and delivery activities in a residential or office area are not the responsibility or obligation of HOME Selection or the courier from EKONT courier service, but of the Buyer of the goods.

3. Installation of the purchased product (sofa, chair, table, etc.) is not included in the price. Installation of the purchased product is not the responsibility of HOME Selection. Assembly instructions from the manufacturers Innovation Living and Kragelund are enclosed with each sofa and sofa bed.

4. At the request of the Customer, a quotation can be prepared and installation carried out by a HOME Selection team at an additional cost.

5. The delivery shall be made through a subcontractor - company Econt, as https://homeselection.bg/ reserves the right to change the subcontractor who carries out the delivery, without being obliged to inform the User in advance, provided that this does not affect the method, time and price of delivery.

6. The trader's obligation to deliver and hand over the goods shall be deemed to have been fulfilled by the delivery of the goods to the building in which the delivery address specified in the order is located or to the front door of the yard.

7. The trader is obliged to deliver the goods in appropriate packaging according to their type and the transport by which they are delivered.

8. When the ordered goods are available in stock, they shall be delivered to the address specified by the User within 5 working days. In the event that the goods are not available, the delivery period shall be that specified in the product description.

9. The time period under the above paragraph starts, depending on the Payment Method, as follows:

  •  - Cash on delivery - from the moment of receipt of confirmation of the order
  •  - in all other cases, after payment.

10. In the case that the Consumer indicates as a method of payment - by bank transfer and does not make such payment within 3 days, then https://homeselection.bg/ may not confirm the delivery of the goods requested and accordingly the contract is deemed not to be concluded.


More information can be found on Payment methods.